I took this website down for personal reasons but now it is back in full force. I will no longer be intimidated by a former employer for being a Trump supporter! 

I run into people everyday who are listening to their news on Face Book or other social media, CNN, MSNBC, and all the other liberal media outlets. They  are not being told about the accomplishments being made. 

The democrats and the liberal media are out for blood. I don't know how this man manages to face this everyday and try to get anything done. I am deeply disappointed in Republicans who are more concerned about their re-elections than to pitch in and help Trump with his goals. He totally needs to drain the swamp.

James Comey is in a real choke hold.

If Trump did ask him to stop the investigation, Comey would have had to come forward and report that.  This was months ago. He never did. So, either way he chooses to go, Comey is toast. My prediction is he wobbles on both sides of the fence.

I run into people everyday who ask me "What is going on with Trump? Is he doing good?" They aren't watching any news, they don't read newspapers. They rely on social media and what they hear is mostly fake news. When I tell them what he is accomplishing and why it is good, they are happy and go on with their day. Contrary to popular belief, most people don't care about politics until it hits them personally.

Don't you love Hillary ? She is going on networks and ranting about why it is everybody else's fault she lost.

Face it Hill, the country doesn't want you, doesn't  trust you and doesn't give a rat's ass about what you think.

I still say that Democrats are like starving  hyenas racing in to pick at the last morsels of someones else's meal. Pathetic....


Looks just like them


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