"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." 

If TRUMP found the cure for cancer, the left would find it to be bad!

I vote that California just secedes from our nation. The good people there are welcome to come to Florida. Same weather, no quakes.

 In the words of Ronald Reagan

NANCY and MAXINE......

Take down your walls!

You have big walls around your properties! 


FOR  those who are wandering around in a fog, let me define the two political parties in our great country. Actually I am going to name 3. 

1. Liberals (Socialism) - try to control everyone  by making them dependent on the government.  Will never really help the poor or the minorities even though they promise to.  They raise taxes which in turn raises prices and then dole out meager entitlements which are just enough for the poor souls stuck in the system to survive. 

2. Democrats - Somehow they have all gotten sucked into the vacuum of Liberalism. Smarter democrats see the real picture now and are jumping ship. I have proof of this but keep reading. 

3. Republicans (Conservatives) - what this country was founded on. FREEDOM.  Smaller government, less regulations, lower taxes create jobs and lower prices.  

President Trump

I reflect back on this night and smile...

Maybe it's my imagination but I don't see the type of racism here in Tampa that the media portrays to be so rampant in this country. I live in a very diversified neighborhood as do many of my friends. We all seem to get along quite well in the grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, parks, gas stations. I am sure there are episodes here and then but for the most part I feel like the media is really exaggerating this. 

NEVER before in History has an American President been treated so badly by the media. If it weren't for

​FOX News, we would never know the real truth. 

Whatever started the right/left scale of politics? I believe it was in France. 

I myself believe that if given freedom from special interests and trying to garner that almighty vote, we might someday be able to meet in the middle. 

a brain even takes them seriously anymore? Video and audio editing is out of control. The hatred can be seen on the faces of the newscasters. How did we come to this?

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The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion

 because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.

One Picture.........is worth a thousand explanations.

People get so much liberal bias all day long that they lose their common sense.    😱 

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I mean honestly, do they think anyone with half

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I just want to know how far the liberal left will go before they tip the planet itself. This agenda knows no bounds. I get it, the thought that everyone would have free school and free healthcare and equal incomes is very appealing but it is not realistic. It is that utopia that happens in fairy tales but this is the real world. 

On another note, and this one disturbs me really bad. The push to be able to abort a full term baby is just horrific. I cannot even imagine someone doing this. 

When I was much younger I worked in a Women's Hospital here in Tampa. I was kind of a float to different departments that needed secretarial work done. I happened to be pregnant with my first son. I got called to fill in the clerks spot in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit). I was on my way to a file cabinet and the head nurse tried to derail me but wasn't in time. There was a bassinet over there in the dark with a newborn baby in it. I turned to her like "what the hell?" She calmly said "we aren't going to do anything with this one." 

I looked at her in disbelief as she ushered me away. I had laid eyes on the child and she was fully formed and squirming like babies do. It haunts me to this day and I am tearing up writing this. I tried to ask the other nurses why and they just answered that the child wasn't going to survive.  I was visibly shaken I'm sure and they ushered me to another department. I will never know what this was or why this happened. I think back now and wonder, was this just an unwanted baby? A missed abortion attempt? So incredibly sad. I was made to believe that it just wouldn't have survived but it was in the NICU for God's sake. They save babies at all costs, right? 

My Thoughts:

Is it me or does everyone get a absolute sense of panic from the liberal media? They pounce on any word or action from this administration like a kitten pounces on a piece of string.

Making America Great and Safe Again