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Consider the words of this woman before you dis Trump for his sometimes ineloquent speech.


Brilliant move on President Trump's part by sending the Dream Act to congress to figure it out. "Get ready to do your job". This should be fun to watch as they try to keep their jobs and do the right thing.

The liberal media is still at it. They bashed him for going to Texas. They bashed Melania for switching to tennis shoes from stilettos. Does anyone realize how petty this is? I swear if he instilled world peace, he wouldn't get credit for it.

Prayers for Texas and prayers for Florida, my home state. I went to get some spare water today and there was none. Floridians are truly pro-active with these things. Hopefully some more drinking water will come in before Irma hits us. With a storm this big, there truly is nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Guess we will huddle in the hallway like I remember doing as a kid.