Who doesn't love Diamond and Silk? OMG. These ladies are awesome.

I hope President Trump can have some kind of a vacation amidst this chaos ensuing in Washington.I love the shot of him exiting the plane and gripping his granddaughter's hand. I bet she is the only person who calms him. 

Does anyone realize how the whole country is climbing out of the abyss that Obama left us in? Of course if you watch the liberal media, you won't know.

This circus in Washington with the Mueller grand jury and Russia insinuations and the leaks everywhere, makes me not even want to watch the news. It's a joke. Who the hell cares anyway, if the country is finding its way out of the mess it's in, do we really care about any of the fireworks they are trying to launch? I don't.

Let's move on to N. Korea, frankly, this is scary. They can now actually reach us now with their nuclear weapons. I'm certainly glad we have a man like Trump in charge. That little psycho over there, Kim Jong-un,  needs to be snuffed out. He is just evil. Nuff said.


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