Lie #1 Benghazi

OMG just google  for her videos of lies about this event.  Too many to even list here. Told American public it was a response to a video at same time she told her daughter is was terrorism. 

Lie # 2

Hillary lied about having classified information on her secret server.

Lie # 3

Lied about her personal email server and said she had permission  and that everybody knew about it.

Watching senate hearing on Hillary's email scandal was so ridiculous. Loretta Lynch is such a liar. What a coverup for Hillary. The secret meeting with Bill was to say Hello. Oh Please! How obvious can you be. Such a travesty that our system is so rigged. Trump will fix this!

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Trump's new site tells all her lies and scandals

Thank you Chris Cato at WTVT Fox 13 for doing the story on this site. Also,  thank you Craig Patrick at WTVT Fox 13 for finding my story!

Hillary's Lies!

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crooked Hillary!

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Democratic party is so rigged!

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Looking for Fox News Channel to do a story on this site! I knew back in 2013 he would become  the president!

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If there was ever a time in this country that we needed a non-politician, this is it.

If you are not convinced yet, you will be soon. This man must become our next president. Our country depends on it. Our very existence may possibly depend on it. We are weak as a nation and we are currently losing our country and our rights day by day. Majority no longer rules. Illegals are flooding into our country and killing our citizens and the government does nothing. However, if a policeman shoots a known thug, it will make national news and the president will always be there to comment on it. The current administration is all about who will vote for them and keep the trend going. Hillary Clinton will be an extension of the misery of the Obama White House.

Mr. Trump, I bought this website back in May of 2013. I had the vision you would someday become President. I don't know how I knew, I just knew. 

Now I feel that I have made a great investment that has grown tremendously in value! 

Yes, I have gotten news coverage on it and it is amazing! I feel a little like a celebrity. It's kinda cool :) Visitors shot up to almost 17K last month after  CNCB and local Fox network  did stories on it.

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I did read "Art of the Deal" cover to cover..........

Thank you Katie Little for doing the story on CNBC. Got over 16,000 hits since it posted!

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Daily Comment:

Hillary picks a wall street bed partner as VP!  OMG. Thank you! One more nail in your proverbial coffin. Your supporters are all but done with you. Love it.

I can't wait for the debates! Hillary, here is a tip, wear lots and lots of deodorant, you will be sweating big time over your lies and deceptions that are all going to come out in the bright, bright light! Sure you want to do this?

Maybe you should just throw in the towel now and save everybody a lot of time.

Remember......the facts about Trump......

He will secure the borders!

He will strengthen the military.

He will create jobs by keeping companies in this country and also helping small business survive by reducing all the red tape and regulations.

He will simplify the tax code.

He will fix our foreign trade by making it actually benefit the USA.

He will tear up the Iran Nuclear Deal the day he takes office!

He will take care of our veterans by fixing the VA Healthcare mess!

and so much more.......