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 Mr. Trump,

I bought this domain name back in May of 2013. I had the vision you would someday become President. I was so right.

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5. Educate your children to self-control, to the habit of holding passion and prejudice and evil tendencies subject to an upright and reasoning will, and you have done much to abolish misery from their future and crimes from society.

Will Make America Great  and Safe Again!!!!

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As we near inauguration day, 6 days away, let us reflect on the past 8 years and Obama's legacy. Remember his slogan, wasn't it "hope and change"?

For starters he has proven to be most racist, anti-semitic, un- -american president in history.I  shall base these statements on the following facts.

1. Once he got in office, one of the first things he did was to send the bust of Winston Churchill back to Great Britain. Who is he to send a White House treasure back? No worries, Trump is going to have it brought back to the Oval Office.

2. Obamacare is the most expensive "affordable" act ever. It left the middle class unable to afford it. It definitely favors the poor and minorities at the middle class expense.

3. He has no enforcement of immigration law and has allowed sanctuary cities to thrive.

4. He stands on the side of BLM (black lives matter) and this has caused numerous police officers (black and white) to be murdered. This has caused a great racial divide that we have not seen in decades.

5. His Iran deal involved giving up all our leverage with nothing in return and this in turn exposed Americans to a nuclear threat from Iran.

6. He has pardoned hundreds of felons, mostly minorities.

7. Since day 1, he has stood with Palestine against Israel.

8. He is trying to establish a shadow government with Valerie Jared and the rest of his posse to go against Trump. He has acquired an 8000 sq ft mansion to house it in D.C.

I am out of room but there is so much more. I am sure you can think of many others.

In my opinion, he should be ostracized. MOVE back to Kenya if you hate America and Americans so much.

Just for fun.....

I just bought and

Ben Franklin words of wisdom:

1. Don't be the same. Be better.

2. Everything in life is easier when you don't concern yourself with what everybody else is doing.

3. Don't ruin a good day today by thinking about a bad day yesterday.

4. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

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Should I be so bold as to dream that big?

Share your thoughts with me on that.

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Julie's Comment

This says it all.So much more common sense back in the day.

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