Really? Do you think he is a little tipsy? Or maybe just too much time on his hands? This is not what he was voted in to do. This is not productive. Blah, blah, blah

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Consider the words of this woman before you dis President Trump for his sometimes ineloquent speech.

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I woke up to the news about the Las Vegas shootings. My heart is breaking for the victims. This is not supposed to happen in America. This is horrific. I truly hope the leftist groups and the msm take note and soften their tone so as not to keep spewing hate and division in this country.  We all need to pull together. Enough is enough. The media is leading people around like cattle, making decisions for them. It has become so commonplace, that people don't think for themselves anymore. If the media says it , it must be true, right?  NOOOOO. Stop being led around like that. God gave you a brain, start using it. Make something of yourself and stop the crybaby attitude of always being the victim. If you don't like something, but the majority does, try doing the polite thing and just keep your mouth shut. No need to try to make a stand and look like a fool. Picture this. You are at a party, lets say maybe its a class reunion.You got lots of people there and the meal of the evening is Italian food. Let's admit, most people love Italian food! but not you. You can't stand it. So here is your normal solution.....

A. Oh well, just grab something afterward on the way home.

B. Eat the few finger foods you can find that are more generic.

C. Leave early and go to dinner.

The abnormal response would be to alert the media,  stand up on a chair screaming hate speech and discrimination, then finally trying to recruit and convince everyone else that Italian food is awful.

Come on people, enough is enough!

President Trump still continues to battle the leftist movement. It is getting completely sickening. No matter that his approval rating keeps ticking up, or that he has done a bang-up  job with the economy, the hurricane relief efforts, the proposed tax cuts, and the rise in the  gross domestic product.If you are not sure what the gdp is, look it up. It is what gauges the health of this country's economy.

Check this out....turn up your speakers.

I always have and always will believe that if children ruled the world, there would be PEACE.