If there was ever a time in this country that we needed a non-politician, this is it. Who else speaks the truth without worrying about the polls? No wonder his ratings are climbing on a daily basis.  If you are not convinced yet, revisit this page often and you will find out why this man must become our next president. Our country depends on it. Our very existence may possibly depend on it. We are weak as a nation and we are currently losing our country and our rights day by day. Majority no longer rules. Illegals are flooding into our country and killing our citizens and the government does nothing. However, if a policeman shoots a known thug, it will make national news and the president will always be there to comment on it. The current administration is all about who will vote for them and keep the trend going.

August 14, 2015

He is looking absolutely presidential.  He is surging in the polls because people are quickly realizing he is so right! He will be our next president. I can't wait!

The Daily Trump

August 25, 2015

Trump is still so far ahead of everyone. He is just magical. I think it is so funny how every time his rivals think they have something negative on him, he turns it around and gets even more publicity.

Now we might have Biden jumping in. I do feel bad for the man regarding is son but he will never make it. Gaff central will be fun to watch. He is not a bad guy but no way is he presidential material. Great replacment for Hillary though. She is so scandalous and thinks she is above everybody. I wish her base would wake up and realize this.

Trump's plan to deport all illegals is fine with me. For God sake, they are not here legally. Send them back and encourage them to do it the right way. We will gladly welcome them back the legal way. I do feel sorry for them but we have to get our country right first. We are drowning in debt that just keeps getting higher and higher. We simply can't afford it.


Trump is shining bright in all the polls.

One disturbing issue keeps coming up though.  I hope he reads this and deals with it in his charming Trump way.

The Megyn Kelly issue.

Mr. Trump, she is not your enemy. You know the questions she asked at the debate were vetted by many people at Fox. She was just doing her job. I AGREE that the questions were not fair, but don't take it out on her. Your responses were spot on and obviously your polls show it.

This continued bashing of her is not doing you any good. I am really afraid that it could become a real  sore spot that cannot heal. Put a bandage on ...for all your supporters. Please.

stay tuned.............

OK, so the superbowl night for the Don is over.  It was his first debate ever.  I think he did great.  He just wants to win.  He will get better and better at this. He was hit with some tough questions and he did ok. Trump is Trump. You either love him or hate him. You see the people on the Luntz interview who switch so quickly to someone else. Let us not forget he is the only one who won't have to pay back special interest or lobbyists. He doesn't need their money.

Stay tuned.....

July 20, 2015

Ok, so he loses it every once in a while. Who doesn't? He is aggravated with the current state of affairs involving the veterans. He lashed out at John McCain because McCain chairs the committee for Veterans. The Veterans Administration is in a sad state. Corruption and incompetence is rampant and our veterans suffer.

So maybe he should not have said that McCain was a war hero only because he was captured. We all know he didn't mean it. John McCain did go through hell as a pow. Everybody knows that.

Trump is not the most tactful speaker but at least he is not afraid to say what everybody else is thinking!

Stay tuned...........

July 22, 2015

Wow, Rick Perry, Leslie Graham, Nancy Pelosi????????

They must  be terrified  that Donald Trump might just be a shoe in. Rick Perry says that he is a toxic mixture of demagoguery and mean spirit. Really? Leslie Graham says he is making the presidential campaign into a reality show, and Nancy Pelosi says that Kate's Law (the poor girl who got shot on the San Francisco Pier by an illegal alien felon) is really Trump's law. What an insult.

I say let it be reality for sure Mr. Graham. We need it now. Nancy is just demented anyway and Rick Perry is, well...duh.

Oh, I could go on and on today. So much stupidity.

Just remember, if Trump wasn't a threat to current "do nothing" politicians, they wouldn't even bother paying attention, right?

Stay tuned......