Never before in history has an American President been so ambushed by the main stream media.

The saddest part is that they influence the whole country to some extent that this man is somehow bad for our country. Our citizens who don't really understand government or politics have no clue that they are being brainwashed.

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Making America Great Again

Regarding the Syria Strike. This was absolutely necessary. To save the innocents from the horrible torture of chemical weapons and also to show we are no longer paper tigers. America will be respected as the super power that we are.

Gotta love it!

President Trump


As always, remember Trumps acheivements so far:

He’s canceled TPP (The Trans-Pacific Partnership) that would

have caused more jobs to go overseas.

He’s starting the wall along our border in March and appropriated funds for it.

He’s appropriated funds and signed into law funds to build up our military and take care of our vets. Our military is now at pre ww2 levels thanks to the cuts made by Obama and Obama fired 1000 officers.

He’s started funds for the Keystone and Dakota pipeline and told them to buy only American steel for the pipeline.

He’s putting together a health care law that will be fair to everyone including buying across state lines and health care savings accounts among other factors that will be cost effective for everyone. Remember Obama said if you like your plan and doctor you can keep them? Five million people lost their plan and doctor under Obamacare and plans and doctors are dropping out of it.

He plans on lowering taxes by seven points for the middle class and lowering business taxes down to 15%. Hillary planned to raise taxes on small business up to 43% and raise the inheritance tax to 61%.

The stock market has been rallying like never before for over 20 days now with Trump got in office.

He’s convinced companies like Ford, Chrysler and Carrier Air Conditioning to manufacture and build plants over here.

And He’s just getting started.

                                                                                            courtesy CDN News Posted by: Jim Clayton

Tax day tomorrow :(

We are feeling the benefits in our paychecks now but next year we will feel Trumps tax cuts in our tax returns.