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People get so much liberal bias all day long that they lose their common sense.    😱 


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If TRUMP found the cure for cancer, the left would find it to be bad!

One worth a thousand explanations.

NEVER before in History has an American President been treated so badly by the media. If it weren't for

​FOX News, we would never know the real truth. 

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FOR  those who are wandering around in a fog, let me define the two political parties in our great country. Actually I am going to name 3. 

1. Liberals (Socialism) - try to control everyone  by making them dependent on the government.  Will never really help the poor or the minorities even though they promise to.  They raise taxes which in turn raises prices and then dole out meager entitlements which are just enough for the poor souls stuck in the system to survive. 

2. Democrats - Somehow they have all gotten sucked into the vacuum of Liberalism. Smarter democrats see the real picture now and are jumping ship. I have proof of this but keep reading. 

3. Republicans (Conservatives) - what this country was founded on. FREEDOM.  Smaller government, less regulations, lower taxes create jobs and lower prices.  

Steve and Kathy Doocy in Tampa  with their awesome  cookbook! "The Happy Cookbook""

Maybe it's my imagination but I don't see the type of racism here in Tampa that the media portrays to be so rampant in this country. I live in a very diversified neighborhood as do many of my friends. We all seem to get along quite well in the grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, parks, gas stations. I am sure there are episodes here and then but for the most part I feel like the media is really exaggerating this. 

I vote that California just secedes from our nation. The good people there are welcome to come to Florida. Same weather, no quakes.

President Trump

I reflect back on this night and smile...

Making America Great and Safe Again


I didn't want to do this but I need to and it needs to be on top of this page. For those who are threatening me, you are weak individuals who are following the side of hatred. You must be sheep, not leaders.  At least show yourselves. I am out here in full view while you are cowards behind "unavailable" cell numbers.  I put this on top and in red so you can't miss it.

a brain even takes them seriously anymore? Video and audio editing is out of control. The hatred can be seen on the faces of the newscasters. How did we come to this?

GM is being totally un-American.  To layoff 14,000 Americans and shift production to Mexico is heartless. They could just as easily substitute another vehicle since their Chevy Cruze didn't make the money they thought it would. 

Let's look at it another way, Hypothetically pretend that  Chick Filet came out with a very unpopular bun that was manufactured in US bakery plants. Sales of this bun were dismal so they decided to make more of their original buns instead. Only thing is they decide to make them in Mexico! and close the plants that could make the same bun!. Does this make any sense other than maybe to make a political statement ?

My Thoughts:

Is it me or does everyone get a absolute sense of panic from the liberal media? They pounce on any word or action from this administration like a kitten pounces on a piece of string.

I mean honestly, do they think anyone with half


This migrant group  are proudly displaying the flags of the country they are fleeing from. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

 Don't get me wrong, It breaks my heart to see children in a predicament like this!

What kind of parents would have their children right there in the front where they know there is going to be issues? I know these people are aware they are not doing this thing right.They know breaking down barricades is going to cause some hostility.

Having their kids right up front is for show! I am certain.

I would shelter my kids in the back somewhere and see what happens not shove them to the front lines. This is ludicrous!